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Soldier’s Heart

A marine returning from war refuses to see her young son, forcing her family to confront the truth of what happened to her in Iraq


Before heading off to war in Iraq Marine Sergeant Casey Johnson neatly organizes her life into a box of lists, envelopes and registration forms for her son's activities. Months later, she returns to Southwestern Pennsylvania forever changed, with deep psychological scars that no amount of arranging seems to be able to fix. When she refuses to see her young son, her mother and her ex husband are forced to confront, along with Casey, what exactly happened to her while she was in Iraq. Revealing that she was sexually assaulted by her commanding officer, Casey wrestles with a deeper hidden truth that keeps her from reclaiming the mother she was. Moving back and forth between Pennsylvania and Iraq, Soldier’s Heart shines a light on the struggles facing women warriors returning home.

“A tense, raw, troubling no nonsense examination of what happens to soldiers, particularly female soldiers, serving in the military... This is not an easy play to watch. Nor is it meant to be." - Alice Carter, Tribune Review

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